By Applied Mechanics (other events)

Mon, Sep 26 2022 5:00 PM EST Tue, Feb 28 2023 11:00 PM EST

Quest to the Decomp is a myth-tery – a mythic tabletop mystery game from the world of PlaNet. Players ,ages 9 and up, are cast as a motley crew of aliens, on the hunt for a missing species!

Thousands of years after a failed human colony, the remaining mutant denizens of PlaNet go on a sleuthing journey into their past. What happened to the Cicadas? Why were their ancestors keeping secrets from them? Can their sentient Digital Assistant, Plex, be trusted? 

Players can game collaboratively or solo to visit different PlaNet locations, play as different alien species, and meet other creatures to fulfill their challenges and prompts, until they can finally travel…INTO THE DECOMP (the vast natural decomposition grounds of PlaNet) – in order to find the truth! It’s like Clue and Oregon trail had a space baby, with a healthy dose of Applied Mechanics’ special sauce.

Fans of Other Orbits will enjoy seeing what happens to Plex, MaTuwa, and Geo Firebane around the edges of the Quest, as well as finding some Easter egg teasers for the upcoming album and film episodes. Players new to the world will receive a tantalizing participatory introduction to PlaNet life and culture, and to the Other Orbits characters and universe. 

Game play involves custom die, a set of character-specific pamphlets, and a beautiful original table-top map of PlaNet, designed by Applied Mechanics resident designer Maria Shaplin.

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