OTHER ORBITS: Episode 2: Time Capsule

By Applied Mechanics (other events)

Sun, Aug 1 2021 12:00 AM EST Sat, Aug 28 2021 11:30 PM EST

Episode 2: TIME CAPSULE, tells the origin stories of PlaNet: the short-lived earthling colony that rose and fell about 10,000 years before our story begins, the early days of the Walroosh and their evolution, and the opening gambit of the planetary council. Episode 2: TIME CAPSULE not only shines a light on PlaNet’s mixed-bag beginnings, but also invites the contemporary citizens of PlaNet to reckon with those beginnings, take a good hard look about themselves, and reconsider what the past and present have to do with each other.  

Episode 2: TIME CAPSULE is a mix of artifacts, print material, and ritual objects, arriving in the mail along with invitations and instructions for all recipients.

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Honorary Producers for OTHER ORBITS Episode 2: Beth (and Woody) Wright